The Layh-Stacey Band (a.k.a The LSB) is named after the song-writing duo Nathan Layh and Jess Stacey, who are the driving force behind this dynamic band.

The LSB is a hard hitting blues group with grit and groove. This dynamic group of musicians is mostly made up of students and graduates of the Brandon University School of Music. Playing originals, The group infuses elements of blues, rock, funk and jazz to create the exciting and unique Layh-Stacey Band sound. Guaranteed to keep the crowd transfixed, you will be dancing, clapping, and singing along to Jess’ soulful sultry vocals, backed by the band’s relentless driving rhythms and undeniable groove.

Members Include

Nathan Layh – Guitar

Jess Stacey – Vocals

Lauren Dobko – Alto and Soprano Saxophone

Adam Keough – Cajoun  (with  the four piece) Percussion (with the seven piece)

Cole Ediger – Kit Drums

Jacob Herd- Saxophone

Kevin Blair- Bass

Former Members:

Cory Brown

Justin Alcock

John Woodridge

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