Past Performances


Past performances

Langenburg Arts Council Arts Auction and Gala, Nov 2013

Westman Television, Brandon, MB, Oct 2013

Access Television, Kamsack, Sk, Sept 2013

Flav’r Country Jamboree, Langenburg, Sk, Sept 2013

Rock in the Fields Music Festival, Minnedosa, MB, July 2013

Busu Battle of the Bands, The 40, Brandon MB, Aug 2013

Smellie Block Fundraiser, Sponsored by Neuhoffer Family, April 2013

Asessippi Ski Hill Lounge, Jan 26th 4-8pm (4 piece ensemble)

Buck’s Tavern, Jan 25th starts at 10pm, Langenburg, SK

The Double Decker, Jan 11 2013, Brandon, MB

Don and Doff’s, Dec 31 2012, Russell, MB

The Double Decker, Nov 24 2012, Brandon, MB

Langenburg Arts Council Art Auction and Gala, Nov 3 2012, Langenburg, SK

Flav’r Country Jamboree and Art Retreat, Oct 7 2012, Langenburg,SK

Beef and Barley Festival @ The Central, Oct 6 2012, Russell, MB

Beef and Barley Festival @ Don and Doff’s, Oct 5 2012, Russell, MB

Asessippi Music Festival, Aug 2012, near Shellmouth, MB

Shellmouth Artist Retreat, Aug 2012, Shellmouth, MB

Asessippi Pass Holders BBQ, June 2012

The Central, June 2012, Russell, MB

Potters People Art Show and Sale, June 2012, Langenburg, SK

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